On Art

Take any form of art. You can learn the technicalities of the game, but your art will only be artistic if you express yourself through it.

Let’s take four examples: Poetry, Sketching, Music and Photography.

In Photography, we have 3 key concepts known as ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture. You can also be taught how to arrive at different effects like light trails, freezing water droplets, etc.

In Sketch
ing, you can learn different ways of shading, different forms of sketching such as portrait art, still art, etc.

In MIMG_7105usic, you can learn musical notation, key terms and concepts. If you are a guitarist, you can learn sweep picking, finger-style guitar, shredding and could even memorize the fret-board.

In Poetry, you can learn the technicalities of rhyming schemes, refrains and syllables. Though, there are many popular poems that do not rhyme at all.

At the end of the day, you will learn all the technicalities. But if you are not able to express yourself through the particular form of art, the art will have lost its flavour. If your expressions are embedded in your art form, you will succeed in making the art create an impact for not just yourself, but the world.

After all this you might ask, expressing is alright but what about passion?

For that I say, if expressing yourself through art makes you an artist, passion is what drives you to be one. It is the energy; the fuel for expressing yourself.