You’re the One

The streams rise up into the sky,
The birds swim in the waters,
The trees outgrow the concrete skyscrapers,
At the sound of your name.

The musicians play the drums
To the rhythm of your heartbeat
A song finds life
In the crease of your smile.

Like a feeble chirp from a hungry bird
Is enough to stir up its mother,
So is your voice enough
To melt my heart.

Your eyes tell a story beyond words;
I am drawn towards you.
You mean more to me than just a bond
That grows stronger as the clock ticks away;
You’re the one I want to be with
Till I breathe my last.


What really formed those rocks?

Mystical secrets lay hidden
Deep beneath unknown pathways;
Those that were buried aeons ago
Without any hint or a trace.

People today are bewildered
By tales of the same dust
That gathered after the storm
Or the ships that lay coated in rust.

One never abstains from praise
Of the lofty mountains and lions, brave.
Ever thrilling are the stories
Of the austere monk in a cave.

Cyphers with no clues,
Keys with no locks
Keep us wondering for years,
“What really formed those rocks?”

Spells of tongues lost in time,
Alive in a faint dream
Of elders, of yours and mine
May not be mythical as it may seem.

Although if we wish
to travel back in time
Just for a peek at a riddle
written in catchy rhyme,
The journey is not a mere walk
But the laugh of a clever fox
‘Cause it kept us wondering for years,
“What really formed those rocks?”