Prose Poetry

Creative Minds

Let’s create something. Yes.
All you folks with a vivid imagination. I know you can create a world around you. You can create individuals, their characters and their looks. You have enough creativity to create things in your mind that don’t exist. It’s sheer brilliance.
I know you folks who can recall memories no matter how old, like YouTube videos that can be played at any time (but without internet or buffering). I know your photographic memory can recall the pages of your notebook in your own handwriting, during an exam. You know whether it was on the left page or the right; on the top, middle or at the bottom. I know you can even recall a word you scratched out.
And all those among you who are into music, I know how you can predict how each note would feel and sound, just before you play it. I know sometimes you play an entire piece of the guitar and can’t figure out how you did it ‘cause of muscle memory.
I know you have the perfect explanation for extremely complicated things in life. I know your memory is so strong that it links every word or image you hear or see to yet another image or memory. This instinctive linking ability within you makes you grasp things easily.
I know you have secrets. Not one or two, but so many that you selectively share them. You store them like “Horcruxes” (term by JK Rowling) in your close friends.
Your abilities are beyond your imagination, dear creative souls. Never stop. Never change.
Let’s create something. Yes.