The Cry of an Unformed Mind

In an age of commotion and seclusion,
Minds devolve into the dark.
Immature minds and their whims,
Extinguish what could have been a spark.

The cacophony of restless voices,
Speak to a mind not formed.
Amidst all hopes and betrayal,
Is a silent pain that comes uninformed.

It’s not a curse,
But a phrase you’d pass.
Things would eventually make more sense,
Even if you don’t sit in a class.

It is the patience you hold,
That would reward you.
Save you from regrets,
It would release you.

The cry of an unformed mind,
Is transient.
Seek answers and you shall find.


The Purple Mist

Underneath the shade of the dark clouds
I stand appalled at the sight of a purple mist
Wondering the source, I walk forward to see
Glowing in the dark was a mysterious pine tree.
I was afraid, my instincts said.
But instead of taking a foot back,
I walked on.

There was a lady with white hair
Under a black, hooded cloak.
Standing under the tree
She spotted me.
I was afraid, my instincts said.
But instead of taking a foot back,
I walked on.

She lifted her hood and to my surprise,
She wasn’t an old lady but a young girl.
She smiled at me and I was dazed
Something was wrong with me,
I wasn’t ever so amazed.
I was afraid, my instincts said.
But instead of taking a foot back,
I walked on.

She asked me, “Do you come in search of something?”
I replied, “The purple mist.”
I didn’t know what was happening,
Not even aware of what I was blabbering.
I was afraid, my instincts said.
But instead of taking a foot back,
I walked on.

“Come with me,” she said
And led me to a house behind.
“You must be cold,” she said,
“It’s just the lavender amidst the fog.”
We sat outside on a log
And talked endlessly.
I was afraid, my instincts said.
But who cares,
I liked where I was
And where the clouds had led.


As Much As You

It came as an answer,
It was revealed as fate.
That was her, my conscience told me.
I didn’t have a reason to hesitate.
So I did proceed.
As days went by,
I grew anxious.
But I didn’t pause to figure out why.

My mind wasn’t working
I was emotionally desperate.
Only an interaction did give me solace
Else I felt like a lonely silhouette.
I was obsessed.
She was in my thoughts
My dreams, my memories…
There wasn’t a time when I could breathe with ease.

She wasn’t before me,
But all I could see was her.
For once I wished
Time would go faster.
I wouldn’t call this a crush,
As all past crushes were erased
With memories of none but her
They were replaced.

I haven’t ever felt this way
And as much as I want to share it
I am afraid.
I wouldn’t want her hurt even a bit.
But I do hope
That someday she’ll surely know
What I am trying to show.
I hope she believes it’s true
When I say,
“I’ve never loved anyone as much as you.”


Oh Wind

Hear me now, oh wind!

As you roar into my ear,
Enable me to roar louder.
As you blow away my fears,
Enable me to grow stronger.

Hear me now, oh wind!

As you rub against my skin,
Erase my pain.
As you enter into my nostrils,
Energize me.

For your sound is lively,
Your speed is inciting,
Surround me once again,
In an embrace, oh wind,
Like an old friend.


Mur Mon (Assamese Poem with Translation)

Eti xopunor kahini tumak mur kobo’r mon.
Xondhiya’r beli’r kaxot,
Mur tumar logot bohi
Tumar gun gabor mon..
Tumar misikiya haahiti mur saabor mon..

Xaagoror hobdo’r hurore…
Tumar babey mur eti geet likhibor mon..
Prem’or haagor’ot tumi muk dubai disa;
Osorot aha.. mur tumar kanot kiba kobo’r mon..

Kobor mon mur…
Kiman dhuniya tumi,
Kiman prem koru tumak moi,
Kiman tumi ontoror kaxot mur..

Bhoi nakhaba tumi…
Tumar hokolu bhoi gusabo moi khaisu xopot,
Mur hridoi tumar babey hobdo korey
Tumi mur Jibon..
Ei gutei jibon,
Mur Tumar logot kotabo’r mon..

Najanu kio,
Dekhile tumak,
Eti xopunor jogot’ot gusi jai mur mon.

English Translation:

My desire

I desire to tell you the story of a dream.
Beside the evening sun,
Seated beside you,
I want to eulogize you..
I want want to see your shy smile..

With the music of the river’s sound,
I want to write a song for you.
You have drowned me in the river of love;
Come close.. I want to whisper something in your ear..

I want to say..
How beautiful you are,
How much I love you,
How close you are to my spirit..

Don’t be afraid..
I have promised to remove all your fears,
My heart beats for you
You are my life..
I want to live the rest of my life with you..

I don’t know why,
When I see you,
My mind sways away to a dreamworld.


I’m Lost

I’m lost between,
The warmth and the breeze,
The sounds of strings and the beats,
Songs of life and of death…

Between signs of right and wrong,
Between a win and what is lost,
Between anger and a slow pacification,
I’m Lost.

Between the endless horizons
And the drizzle dropped from a leaf,
From a tree beside,
I’m Lost.

Between voices and the unheard,
Between rest and its absence,
Between mercy and love, fear and trust,
I’m Lost.


The View

When the dark clouds are swept away by the bright light,
I have a feeling that you just might
Be opening the windows to look out and see,
The blue sky and a mango tree.

Looking at the grass beneath, you find
A well-cropped lawn to add peace to your mind.
Just then, a dove comes by and sits on your shoulder,
As if God Himself had told her.

And the dove says to you,
I hope you found merry with the view.


The Legend – A Tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

O people of Assam
Behold your essence of music,
Behold this man, artistic.
The man whose voice is like the simplicity of a dove,
Whose voice comes as a gift from above.

The numerous songs he wrote,
Has touched our lives, note by note.
The melody of his each song
Made us throng
To him for long.

The day dawns when he takes leave of us
In large numbers people come
To pay tribute to the legend, of not just some.
But many hearts across the state,
That cry in pain with no abate.

The numerous lives he touched,
Realize his absence as a great loss.
From the Om, the Crescent to the Cross.
From the mountains to the plain,
From him, none would restrain.

The waters sunny by the shores,
Hear the lament of the people in crores
And the tide does subside
As the great Assamese legend takes leave of us
To be with God at His side.

The remarkable legend, Bhupen Hazarika,
Will remain alive in each heart,
He does, now depart.
But his contributions to our state
Will remain immortally great.