Just You


When we’re both ready,
Sufficiently, for each other,
Heavens would think it’s time
Like there couldn’t be another.
A time to let their story for us
Be declared complete;
A time they think it’s right
To watch it all happen;
Take a backseat.

A story I may not be able to enunciate,
But feel every moment like the last.
You are someone I never lost hope for,
Though terrifying in the past.
My fingers tuck the streaks of hair
That fall over your eyes, right behind your ears.
Your eyes would smile at me,
In a way that wasn’t meant just for your peers.

You understand me even before I say a word,
But you hear me out.
(It’s as if you could read my mind.)
Overwhelmed I am,
There’s nothing we couldn’t talk about.
I play your tunes on my strings;
How attentively you listen!
As if each song was your favourite;
You couldn’t think of another, then.

Your companionship sets me free
From all that I thought was once impossible.
It’s Just You I want,
I could never find anyone more loveable.
The Heavens are happy with what they created
When they see us looking up at the starlit sky.
It’s Just You I need,
Today, tomorrow and any day that could ever pass by.

By ishansavio

Analytics Consultant, Musician, Photographer, Personal Blogger

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