The World and its Mortals

This world is home to people.
Some are mere mortals by choice.
Others desire growth
And raise their voice.
Some hinder a flame
That struggles to ignite.
Others watch their brethren
Curse and indulge in a petty fight.

Why do you ask, “Where are you from?”
Shouldn’t his gesture of trust in you suffice?
Don’t take the stranger you met to be naive
He’s just being nice.

People forget
That a Cup is not a victory forever,
But a step to a greater leap ahead.
The same feast on unintended interpretations
Of Words,
To make sure their envious minds are well-fed.
Why do we blame words?
Why do we invite fear?
We look at conflicts like bottomless pits;
Dig our own grave; bring our end near.

We feed our arrogance with insecurity.
We are stubborn as an ox, no matter what truths we find.
Such acts make our brethren wonder,
“Am I among their kind?”

We make a mockery of human potential;
Choose not to have an identity.
Yet this world beholds us, mortals,
Like a deity that preserves Humanity.
Some continue to defile it.
Others, through actions, deify its Creator.
Hope is what delays the End of time;
Holds the world together.

By ishansavio

Analytics Consultant, Musician, Photographer, Personal Blogger

One reply on “The World and its Mortals”

One of best blog I have ever happened to read. Thanks for sharing it with me. It is pride to have you as my mate
The poems, words, syntax say it all. Keep doing with never ending this writing work. Good luck Ishan.


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