As Much As You

It came as an answer,
It was revealed as fate.
That was her, my conscience told me.
I didn’t have a reason to hesitate.
So I did proceed.
As days went by,
I grew anxious.
But I didn’t pause to figure out why.

My mind wasn’t working
I was emotionally desperate.
Only an interaction did give me solace
Else I felt like a lonely silhouette.
I was obsessed.
She was in my thoughts
My dreams, my memories…
There wasn’t a time when I could breathe with ease.

She wasn’t before me,
But all I could see was her.
For once I wished
Time would go faster.
I wouldn’t call this a crush,
As all past crushes were erased
With memories of none but her
They were replaced.

I haven’t ever felt this way
And as much as I want to share it
I am afraid.
I wouldn’t want her hurt even a bit.
But I do hope
That someday she’ll surely know
What I am trying to show.
I hope she believes it’s true
When I say,
“I’ve never loved anyone as much as you.”

By ishansavio

Analytics Consultant, Musician, Photographer, Personal Blogger

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