Mur Mon (Assamese Poem with Translation)

Eti xopunor kahini tumak mur kobo’r mon.
Xondhiya’r beli’r kaxot,
Mur tumar logot bohi
Tumar gun gabor mon..
Tumar misikiya haahiti mur saabor mon..

Xaagoror hobdo’r hurore…
Tumar babey mur eti geet likhibor mon..
Prem’or haagor’ot tumi muk dubai disa;
Osorot aha.. mur tumar kanot kiba kobo’r mon..

Kobor mon mur…
Kiman dhuniya tumi,
Kiman prem koru tumak moi,
Kiman tumi ontoror kaxot mur..

Bhoi nakhaba tumi…
Tumar hokolu bhoi gusabo moi khaisu xopot,
Mur hridoi tumar babey hobdo korey
Tumi mur Jibon..
Ei gutei jibon,
Mur Tumar logot kotabo’r mon..

Najanu kio,
Dekhile tumak,
Eti xopunor jogot’ot gusi jai mur mon.

English Translation:

My desire

I desire to tell you the story of a dream.
Beside the evening sun,
Seated beside you,
I want to eulogize you..
I want want to see your shy smile..

With the music of the river’s sound,
I want to write a song for you.
You have drowned me in the river of love;
Come close.. I want to whisper something in your ear..

I want to say..
How beautiful you are,
How much I love you,
How close you are to my spirit..

Don’t be afraid..
I have promised to remove all your fears,
My heart beats for you
You are my life..
I want to live the rest of my life with you..

I don’t know why,
When I see you,
My mind sways away to a dreamworld.

By ishansavio

Analytics Consultant, Musician, Photographer, Personal Blogger

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